Code of Conduct

Here is Code of Conduct of Baro Credit Co., Ltd.

Matters of Compliance

  • Compliance with all due
    laws and regulaions
    We will comply with the relevant
    laws and the company regulations
    and faithfully fulfill our duties in good faith.
  • Integral working attitude
    We will keep a plain living and live a thrift
    life while do not involve in speculative
    investment and excessive borrowing, etc.
  • Sincerity and diligence
    We will fulfill our duties sincerely and
    diligently with thorough responsibilities,
    mission and creativity.
    In doing so, we will carry out our duties
    fairly, promptly and precisely.
  • Self-development and
    We will concentrate on character cultivation
    and the acquisition of professional knowledge,
    and strive to maximize our job performances
    through cooperation and harmonious
    relationship with our fellow personnel.
  • Maintaining credibility
    and dignity
    We will maintain our dignity, take care in
    our words and actions, and will not shun
    others or damage the company's
    credibility and reputation by engaging in
    immoral activities.
  • Accident report
    We will make the greatest efforts to resolve
    problems by promptly reporting any issues in
    accordance with the proper procedure,
    particularly in the event of recognizing any
    illegal or unreasonable activities, and shall not
    conceal any wrongdoings.