Code of Conduct

Here is Code of Conduct of Baro Credit Co., Ltd.


Unfair transactions
Activity using undisclosed information
We will not use or disclose any information acquired in the course of our work nor
engage in securities investment (stocks, bonds, etc.) for our own benefit or that of any
third party.
Breach of fair trading rule
We will not disturb the sound financial order by increasing customers' financial expenses
unreasonably or breaching their rights and interests. We will not include any false or
manipulated contents in any account book or other document or record, and will not
engage in any acts which lead to such an outcome.
Abuse of confidential information
We will not seek to obtain secret or confidential information which has no bearing on
our own duties or involve ourselves in such ethical violations as demanding secret or
confidential information from other personnel for any purpose other than our duties.
  • Giving and receiving money and other goods or treats
    We will not accept money and other goods or treats or corresponding privileged favors from customers, clients or staff, and will not
    provide unreasonable profits to them.
  • Private loans
    We will not directly/indirectly deal with customers privately in terms of money transactions or loans, nor shall we borrow excessively from
    others or be a guarantor for any borrowings privately.
  • Sexual harassment and gender discrimination
    We will abstain from obscene talk on the presence of our colleagues and will not force or oblige a colleague to drink alcohol or dance when dining together.
    We will not sexually evaluate or compare a colleague's body.
    We will be careful to avoid unnecessary body contact, and shall not.
    use words which emphasize fixed gender roles.
  • Finance-related crimes
    We will not involve in activities which directly induce financial accidents.
    We will not do any financial transaction against not only the real-name accounting system but also confidentiality protection laws.
    We will not do activities directly/indirectly involved in money laundering through irregular or illegal business handling.